Vacuum packing machines – fast and efficient food packing

Vacuum packing machines

Packaging of products should be carried out with the highest standards and caution. For this purpose, it is worth relying on professional equipment such as vacuum packing machines. What does product packaging give us? What are vacuum packing machines? You will learn this later in this article.

Packing products – what does it give us?

Food products – some less, some more – are susceptible to spoilage. This happens due to various conditions, such as moisture or too low or too high temperatures. Therefore, for the sake of health and safety of consumers, various types of products are properly packed. Packing significantly extends the freshness and shelf life of the products, making them suitable for consumption after a few months or even years from the time of purchase.

In recent years, an increasingly popular solution is the use of vacuum packaging machines, which guarantee very fast and tight closing of the package.

Vacuum packing machine – what is it?

Vacuum packing machines are an absolute foundation in the gastronomic industry. These are very efficient devices that are used to accurately pack food, which is carried out in a vacuum. Thanks to this solution, the products not only do not go bad, but also maintain their best aroma and taste values for much longer. Vacuum packing machines work mainly on an industrial scale – due to the fact that vacuum packing is done very quickly and accurately.

Vacuum packing machines – how do they work?

The principle of operation of vacuum packing machines is very simple. Their operation is to suck in the air that is inside the package, e.g. a foil bag, thus sealing the products in an airtight manner. Professional vacuum packing machines create an extremely tight seal in the form of a weld. This solution makes vacuum-packed food healthier, has appropriate storage conditions and limited access to bacteria.

Types of vacuum packing machines

Before purchasing professional gastronomic equipment, it is worth knowing that vacuum packing machines are divided into two types: with chambers and without chambers.

  • Packing machines with chambers – in models of this type, food is hermetically sealed by sucking air from the chamber. They are easy to use (they open automatically after packing is finished). The whole process is very quick.
  • Packing machines without chambers – otherwise known as strip packing machines. These are smaller models where the end of the bag is placed, which is then sealed after creating a vacuum inside the package.

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