Ranking List of the Most Expensive RC Vehicle To Purchase

Ranking List of the Most Expensive RC Vehicle To Purchase

Considering people race RC cars, they can certainly be quite expensive. Some of the radio controlled vehicles that are available are scaled to be rather large, too. As you can imagine, larger RC cars and those with high-performance features are going to cost more. In the past, the larger cars were so much slower, but things are different now. They are also considered one of the best electric RC cars right now. Some of those larger vehicles can be quite fast as well.

Some of those larger RC vehicles can be much larger than you might think. While the 1/10 scale is the most popular, did you know that they make some of these RC vehicles in a 1/4 scale where they can be up to three feet long? Given all of the information so far about what makes the RC cars more expensive, which ones cost the most and why?

What do you think? Do you think it is size or speed that costs more? Let’s not forget about cameras. In fact, combine the right size, speed, camera and other features, and you have what might be the most expensive RC vehicle coming on the right at 4500 dollars. That is one expensive remote-controlled vehicle. You can purchase some cheaper used cars for less money, so you would surely want to know what you get when you buy the Freefly Tero Remote Controlled Vehicle for 4500 dollars.

There are other RC vehicles that cost a pretty penny, too. When you look at the specs, you’re going to be blown away. Hey, you might not need an RC car that costs 4500 dollars, but they are fun to look at for sure. Let’s take a look at another model that makes a list, coming in at just over 1000 dollars. It is the Kraken RC 1/5 Vecta 4WD Gas Kit. This is a nitro powered RC vehicle, and the 1/5 scale tells you that it is rather large.

There is so much information listed about these more expensive RC vehicles, and it pays to take notice. You can read about front suspension, rear suspension, wheels, shocks and just about everything.

You also want to pay attention to the warranties of the RC vehicles so that you know that the good money you are paying is backed by a solid company guarantee.

Let’s look at one more of the expensive RC vehicles, and this one is advertised to go 100 mph. It looks sporty, too. Not only that, but it comes in at under 1000 dollars when it comes to the price. Priced at around 750 dollars, the Traxxas XO-1 comes fully assembled and is a nice radio controlled vehicle indeed.

Three of the most expensive RC cars have been mentioned. If you look at each product, you are going to see that there are quite a few differences. You have to decide what type of RC car you want and how much you are willing to pay. Personally, out of the three, I like the Traxxas RC vehicle the best.


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