How to use can opener

how to use can opener

The first canning opener in the world, with a primitive design, was created by Englishman Robert Yeats in 1855. However, the device was much more convenient in 1858 Ezra Warner, his invention was already intended for home use. In 1931 the first electric can opener was constructed. The can that does not require an opener was developed in 1959. How to use can opener?

How to use can opener

To start opening the can, bring the side with the round blade close to the edge of the can, tighten the handle so that the opener is perpendicular to the can axis. The opener should be on the outside of the can. Holding the opener with one hand, carefully use the other hand to start turning the handle. After a few unscrews, the can lid should be fully open, remove it carefully. Note: the can lid may be sharp after opening and you can easily get hurt, be very careful when removing the can lid.

Some cans have ready-made pins to open. You don’t need an opener for this. Just pry the cotter pin and pull it up while holding the can with the other hand.

What you should know about can opener

The opener is a device used to open the can (metal cans). Although food preservation using cans has been practiced since at least 1772 in the Netherlands, the first openers could not be patented until 1855 in England and 1858 in the United States. These early openers were basically a variety of knives and although its design dates from 1855 and is still being produced. The first can opener consisting of the sharp wheel with the rotating blade known today, was invented in 1870. It was initially considered too difficult to use for the ordinary consumer. A breakthrough came in 1925 when a serrated wheel was added to keep the cutting disc on the can ring. This easy-to-use design has become one of the most popular models of the opener.

using can opener

Dedicated can openers appeared from 1850 and had a primitive design in the shape of a claw or straight lever. In 1855, Robert Yeates, a manufacturer of cutlery and kitchen tools in the UK, invented the first claw-finished can opener with a handle that cuts a hole around the top of metal canning.

In 1858 another lever of this type is created, the opener of a more complex shape was patented in the United States by Ezre Warner of Waterbury, Connecticut. It consisted of a sharp sickle that applied to the can and allowed sawing around its edge. The opener consisted of several parts that could be replaced if worn. This opener was adopted by the United States Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865); However, his unprotected knives were too dangerous for home use. Therefore, the opener for home use was developed, the opener was made of cast iron and had a very similar construction to the opener we know today.


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