How to get a splinter out

How to get a splinter out

The splinter embedded in the skin should be removed as soon as possible. Leaving it in the skin can lead to a serious infection in the body and, consequently, even to death. Check how to remove the splinter.

Why you need to remove splinters

The skin is a physical barrier and protects the body against various pathogens. Intact prevents infections. When a splinter pierces the skin, it facilitates access to the interior of the body for bacteria outside the skin. Pathogens found on the splinter can get under the skin with it, and from there along with the bloodstream to the human body. In this way, for example, you can catch tetanus sticks, which are commonly found in soil, dust, water. If they get into the human body they can release toxins that damage the nervous system.

Methods of getting a splinter out

Soak the place where the splinter has stuck

Hand, foot or finger (they are rather the most popular “places”) soak in water for 2-3 minutes to soften the skin. If the splinter is in your thigh, for example – apply a moist compress.

Get organized

Do you see the end of the rump that has disturbed your peace? 

removing splinters

If the splinter has hidden deeper under the skin, you must culturally help her find a way out. Find a thin needle and disinfect it with alcohol. Make a small hole over the end of the splinter with the needle tip. Important: do not dig too stubbornly, a deep wound increases the chance of infection.

After 2-3 attempts to reach the rump, you should already have access to it with the tweezers. If it’s still out of reach of the forceps – it’s time to see a doctor.

Pull it

When you see the edge of the splinter, grab it with the tweezers maximum against the skin. Pull in the direction in which the protruding part is directed. Pliers are the key element here – “squeezing” the splinters can cause them to break, dislocate or crush. And there will be a problem.

We assume that everything went well and you just took out the whole splinter. Now wash the place with soap and water, then brush with petroleum jelly to create a protective barrier.

Splinters under the fingernail

Wash your hands, decontaminate the tweezers and cut your fingernail as short as possible, avoiding the splint. Try to grab it with tweezers now. When the adhesive solidifies, try to grab the sliver together with the adhesive and pull. The adhesive increases the surface you grab, so it should be easier. 

Ichthyol Ointment

Lubricate it with the place where the splinter came in and wrap it with a bandage. After 12-24 hours the splinter should be able to be removed without any problem. There is a chance that it will come out by itself when removing the dressing.

Baking soda

If the splinter in the toe or foot sits quite deeply, there is nothing to torture yourself, let alone a child with a needle. Then you can prepare a paste from baking soda. It has to be put on the splinters and put in. After a few hours, swelling and softened skin will push the splinter out.



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