How to cook London Broil

how to cook london broil

Currently, steaks are served almost all over the world, their shapes, names and pieces of meat used may vary depending on the region in which they are served. What should you know about London Broil?

What is London Broil

London Broil as a Steak is an English dish. It is a piece of tender beef that is suitable for grilling, frying or toasting at a high temperature using a broiler. Traditionally, it was prepared from sirloin, roast beef or rump steak. Later, the term steak was extended to include more pieces of meat that were previously considered only fit for baking or stewing.

London Broil, a popular beef dish in North America, is prepared by grilling or toasting marinated flank steak and slicing it into thin strips. Although the traditionally used piece of meat for Broil London is flank steak, some also use such pieces like shoulder, picanha or sirloin roast. To prepare this dish, the meat must be marinated for several hours. It is recommended to fillet the meat before marinating, so that the marinade gets to the hardest parts of the meat, so that it is more aromatic. Then the piece is fried on very high heat in an outdoor oven or grill, after which it is cut into thin strips and served.

How to prepare London Broil

London Broil is prepared from cheaper beef, but with some basic rules, we can prepare a really delicious steak.
The key to success is the right marinade and how to marinate meat. Since the patch is not meat in itself, neither tender nor soft, it is important that the meat is marinated for a sufficient time. Preferably all night before grilling.

cooking london broil

Not only the length of marinating meat is important here, but also the ingredients we will use. We avoid acids such as vinegar, wine, balsamico, lemon juice in marinade, but add the right amount of salt. Salt will naturally help change the structure of the meat, making it crumble and become more gently.
In addition, the marinade can contain ginger, garlic, favorite alcohol (beer, whiskey, port), pepper, dried herbs. We can modify the marinade according to our preferences, it is important to follow the two principles mentioned above.
Before grilling, remove the meat from the fridge for about 1 or 2 hours. We put the meat on a very well heated grill. We grill about 5 minutes on each side, obtaining a medium rare or medium fat (if you leave them on the grill longer, it may harden too much).

What determines the taste of the steak

Beef aging is the deciding factor for the taste of steak. During this process, natural enzymes contribute to the destruction of fibrous tissue, which makes the muscles flexible and coherent. There are two types of seasoning – wet and dry. The best, but also more expensive is the second way. It consists in the fact that after a week of slaughtering cattle (from the whole carcass only about 40% goes to the production of steaks) sliced ​​meat is placed in special conditions that allow you to control the level of temperature and humidity.


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