How to become an Uber driver


Adored by some, hated by others. He stormed the streets of Polish cities, and to this day causes mixed feelings. Personally, I am his big fan, and I can exchange all the pluses in a few seconds. Uber, because we’re talking about him, can take you wherever you want, at any time of the day or night. How does Uber work, how to become a Uber driver and is it worth it at all?

Create a driver profile

The first step to becoming a Uber partner is online registration. All you have to do is register on Uber’s website with basic information. You will receive an invitation to an information meeting and access to the profile to which you should send scans of relevant documents. You will already have your profile, but it will be fully activated after all data and documents have been verified.

Formal requirements

To become an independent driver cooperating with Uber, you should first send scans of the following documents to your profile:

  • ID card,
  • driving licenses that you have had for at least a year,
  • business data together with the entry document to CEIDG or KRS, as well as NIP and VAT EU (if you do not have a company and do not want to set up a business, you can use the services of partner companies and register with their help),
  • car registration card with a valid technical inspection,
  • car liability insurance
  • a clear profile picture that should be taken from the front, well lit and sharp.
  • criminal record certificate.
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What requirements must the car meet

As a rule, the Uber driver’s car, in addition to meeting the formal requirements, i.e. a valid technical examination and civil liability insurance, must be registered for at least 5 people and be 4/5 door.

Cars that are more than 10 years old may be allowed to cooperate only if additional conditions are met. Cars registered in 2002-06 should be well cared for and in good condition, and the owner should provide five photos for verification, which will present:

  • front so that you can see the front with the license plate and the side of the vehicle,
  • rear so that you can see the rear with the license plate and the side of the vehicle,
  • meters to show the mileage of the vehicle,
  • dashboard,
  • rear seat with visible upholstery.

In addition, Uber has published a list of cars older than 10 years that cannot travel on the uberPOP service.

Familiarize yourself with the Uber application and policy

Uber is a mobile application that is responsible for the smooth operation of the entire system. It is worth getting acquainted with the application and its functions before you start your first course. Uber is also a community of people who trust each other and put security first. The use of GPS, tracking the driver’s position and a hidden phone number contribute to a high level of security for our partners and our customers.

You already have basic information about the requirements for drivers. Now all you have to do is register, complete the formalities and you’ll be transporting your first passengers. Join our community now!



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